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Victorian Toilet Basins

If you have the opportunity to refurbish your bathroom, one of the things that you may want to consider is to transform your bathroom into a Victorian-styled one, inclusive of a Victorian toilet basins. By doing this you will be able to clear up the clutter of a normal bathroom and create a sense of space even within limited confines.

Refurbishing bathrooms

There are a variety of considerations that you will have to review if you are exploring the use of Victorian toilet basins in your bathroom. Be careful not to rush into making a decision and you should look at as many displays of this and the whole concept of a Victorian bathroom as possible before making a decision.

One of the things to keep in mind is the fact that you can use this as an opportunity to install coordinated features such as ensuring that the Victorian toilet basins and toilet come with the same look so as to create a Victorian identity.

What are the considerations?

Before calling the plumbers or refurbishers into your home, explore the different options that are available online as well, in terms of your Victorian toilet basins. You will have the opportunity to review many beautiful visuals that are available, particularly of Victorian toilet basins so that you have a good sense of what your options are before making a decision. Amongst the factors that you will have to consider include:

  • The functionality of the fixtures that you plan to install
  • The space that is available within the bathroom
  • Whether you want to incorporate water-saving features
  • The size, shape and color of your Victoria toilet basins
  • The specific features that you would like to install in terms of tap head, tap, shower head, tower rack which, if you are option for the Victorian look, should be wrought iron or metal fixtures
  • Whether counter top space is required or not
  • Whether children or physically challenged individuals may regularly use the bathroom, in which case less intricate fixtures may be a better option

Opting for the Victorian look and feel

In terms of styling, having a Victorian bathroom, complete with freestanding bathtub and toilet basin, will have a wonderful impact. In fact there are some vintage plumbing features that you will want to consider as part of the Victorian bathroom including shower units, baths and Victorian ornamentation. If you are going to go all the way, you may also want to consider embossed toilets although chances are you will have to get these at an antique shop!

If you can mix and match these with wooden cabinet structures and even a wooden seat for the toilet, your guests will immediately appreciate the understated elegance that is recognized as a part of Victorian décor.

It is also useful to remember that whilst it may be the case that the bathroom has a Victorian look and feel, you can cleverly incorporate the wonders of modern technology and plumbing into the bathroom nonetheless. Don’t forget water saving features, and the installation of relevant electrical points, which should be discretely hidden.