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Ceramic Toilet Basins

Selecting the right ceramic toilet basins for your bathroom is important, as this will define not only the look and feel of the bathroom, but also the ease by which the bathroom will be maintained. There are, however, a variety of options available when it comes to choosing ceramic toilet basins and toilet bowls and you should have a working knowledge of the options available before renovating or refurbishing your bathroom.

Choosing ceramics for the bathroom

There are several reasons why ceramic sanitary ware is most popularly used in bathrooms. Over the years, and in most homes, it is common to find that ceramics allow for the greatest longevity of bathroom fixtures, including ceramic toilet basins and toilet bowls.

What is important before making a decision is to consider firstly whether you would prefer the bathroom to have full ceramic fixtures or whether you are willing to consider a mixture of features, such as ceramic toilet basins on marble counter tops, the type of flooring that is used in the bathroom and other miscellaneous features.

Details to note when choosing ceramics

Once you have opted to have ceramics in your bathroom, then it is time to get to the nitty gritty of the choices that you will need to make. There are certain critical factors that you will have to bear in mind:

  • Ideally the choice of ceramic colors must match each other or compliment each other
  • Whilst most ceramic fixtures, such as ceramic toilet basins and toilet bowls, are machine manufactured, there is always a possibility that there are slight deviations in the individual
  • Always check the quality of the glaze on the final product and ensure that whatever pieces you have purchased match
  • Look out for spotting or color coagulation on the pieces and reject these
  • Check whether the product is certified

Maintenance of ceramic fixtures in the bathroom

If you have opted for ceramic toilet basins and toilet bowls in your bathroom, you will have to be familiar with the best methods to maintain these. When using ceramics, particularly light colored pieces, you will find that there is a risk of staining, whether from rust or other causes.

Such stains may be difficult to remove and regular toilet cleaners or powdered chlorine based cleaners may not be able to provide a solution in extreme situations.

It is possible to use mechanical pads that are chemical free. It will require you to use elbow grease to get the stains off your ceramic toilet basins or toilet bowls, but can be used effectively for the more stubborn stains. The other alternative is to use pumice-scouring sticks, and these not only remove the stain but also aid in polishing the ceramic surface.

There are other methods available and you will want to check whether these products have a chemical base, and if they do, how you should use them safely. Also remember that such products should not be used too frequently and should be safely stored away beyond the reach of children, as they usually contain poisons.