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Back To Wall Toilet Basin

Most commonly, you will see a back to wall toilet basin at an airport or restaurant. These are ideal for such locations as, by building the cistern into the wall, this creates more space in the public toilet. In addition, where the back to wall toilet basin allows for a high ledge, this also allows people to store their items there while in the toilets.

How to choose a back to wall toilet basin

If you are contemplating refurbishing your bathroom and you want to totally change the look, it may be worthwhile considering the installation of a back to wall toilet basin. The fact that the cistern is hidden within the structure means that it looks totally different from the traditional close-coupled toilets where the bowl and cistern are close together.

You should consider the option of a back to wall toilet basin if there is limited floor space in your bathroom, and always ensure that when this is installed it remains accessible for plumbing purposes.

Factors to consider

When opting for a back to wall toilet basin in your bathroom, there are certain features that should be considered:

  • These provide a modern look to the bathroom
  • All of the cistern components are stored within the wall therefore removing unsightly plumbing from view
  • There is reduced maintenance by the use of a back to wall toilet basin
  • It is possible to build the back to wall cabinet to match other fittings in the bathroom
  • Always use a trusted brand
  • Consider the type of toilet bowl that you want – these are either circular or extended.

Ensure all these are followed through!

Most back to wall toilet basins are low ledged, meaning that it ends at about the same level that the commode sits. In terms of maintaining the cleanliness of the product, since most of such fixtures are made out of ceramic, they can be maintained easily with regular washing and cleaning.

It is important to ensure, however, that your contractor is able to fit the back to wall toilet basin comfortably into the space provided, and that there is no damage to the wall during the installation. If there is, or the plumbing is not properly done, there is a possibility that you may not realize there is a leak until much later. Check with the contractor specifically about whether they have prior experience installing a back to wall toilet basin before appointing them to do the job.

It is also important to remember that if you have young children in the home, such a back to wall toilet basin may be a good idea in order to avoid children exploring the normal cistern systems and reducing the risk of injury or harm to them.

Always bear in mind that renovating a bathroom can be a costly affair and you should take into consideration the specifics about the type of toilet basin and bidet system that you would like to install. Also consider purchasing or ordering these when there is a sale in order to help you manage the costs.