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Toilet Basin And Integrated Bidet

Clearly there should be no difficulty in selecting a toilet basin, although there are many options to choose from. However, when it comes to selecting a toilet basin and integrated bidet, this will require some expertise. The first thing to understand about a bidet is that it is intended to allow you a comfortable means by which to ensure the highest levels of personal hygiene.

One of the great things about toilet basins and integrated bidets is that you do not need any extra room in your bathroom. This is great news for those with smaller bathrooms.

Benefits of bidets

There are many current studies that have clearly established that a toilet basin with integrated bidet can contribute to higher levels of hygiene. It is important that if you opt to install a toilet basin and integrated bidet in your bathroom that they are plumbed correctly.

There are a variety of bidet types available on the market but the integrated bidet probably is the best because of the ease of use (forgive the pun) and the fact that it has been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of urinary tract infection.

How to choose a toilet basin and integrated bidet

If you have the opportunity to refurbish your bathroom and there is sufficient space, it may be worthwhile considering the addition not only of a toilet basin, but a bidet as well. However, in terms of space saving you could install a toilet basin and integrated bidet. In terms of design you may want to consider the following:

  • Ensuring that the toilet basin and integrated bidet is made from a material that matches the rest of the bathroom
  • Consider the use of colored ceramics for this purpose
  • Ensure that the flooring around the toilet basin and integrated bidet for a germ-free area
  • Ensure that the plumbing in the bathroom is able to cater to the additional requirements of having an integrated bidet

Toilet training

As with any appliance, you will need to ensure that you are familiar with the proper use of a toilet basin and integrated bidet. Take the time to go through the manual that comes with the product to understand its workings. If you are investing money in one of the more recent versions of a toilet basin and integrated bidets, you will find that there are many useful features that can be of benefit, provided you know how to use them.

Always also remember that the use of an integrated bidet allows for the highest levels of personal hygiene, but if you have young children in your home you should ensure that the integrated bidet is covered at all times. In addition as part of potty training, it may be worthwhile to take the time and effort to teach children to use the toilet basin and integrated bidet properly.

If you are interested in looking at a combination of a toilet basin and integrated bidet, there are many options available both online and offline. Look at the different options and consider what would best suit your purposes.