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Tankless Toilet Basins

A lot of people wonder why there are tanks attached to some toilets, even though basins and tubs are not attached to their own tanks. The reason that a toilet needs a tank is for flushing purposes. Though, it's also possible to find tankless toilet basins. There are a lot of available toilets sold today, which is why it's possible to find tankless toilet basins. The first step is to understand what a tankless toilet is, and how it works.

How do tankless toilet basins work?

A lot of residential toilet bowls operate via the use of a siphon, a tube-like feature located at the bottom of the toilet bowl fixture. The water that comes out of the toilet needs to fill the siphon tube fast enough. Pressure has to be applied. This is done through adding water. The weight of the water in the bowl pushes the dirty water over the siphon tube, where it is flushed to the drain. Everything inside is sucked down with the water into the drain.

How to buy tankless toilets

There are some options that need to be considered, in order to make the search easy. The following tips should be followed when looking for tankless toilet basins:

  • Size up the bathroom. The size and the layout of the bathroom will decide on what shape or size a toilet bowl can be. Keep in mind that many tankless toilet basins aren't really tankless. The tanks are just put underneath or behind the seat to make it unobtrusive and to save space
  • The décor of the bathroom will play a part in the decision-making process as well. For instance, if the décor uses white marble, then ceramics might be a good idea for the toilet and basin
  • The price will also decide whether or not a homeowner should buy tankless toilet basins. This is more expensive compared to other types of toilet bowls, but it also offers a lot more advantages. For one, it is more convenient. The homeowner should decide on which is more important between convenience and price

Where to buy tankless toilet basins

There are many advantages of tankless toilet basins, one of which is that it is a space saver. In that sense, this type of toilet basin is very practical for small bathrooms. However, it is harder to find compared to traditional toilet bowls. So, homeowners chalk it up as expensive, and impossible to find.

The first place to go is the nearest home improvement store or bathroom furniture depot. It's important to note that a home depot specializing in bathroom furniture and fixtures would be more likely to have this type of toilet basin readily available. It's also necessary to check out some stores, and find a wide selection. Or, the customer could always ask around in the neighborhood or among friends, to see if anyone knows where to find great deals on bathroom furniture.

If anything, the internet presents a great opportunity for homeowners. Using the internet, the customer no longer has to exert as much time and effort in finding the right type of toilet basins for his or her bathroom.