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Commercial Toilet Basins

The commercial toilet basins are commonly used in corporate or manufacturing settings, as well as bathrooms that are opened to the public. Unlike the toilets used in home environments, the commercial lavatories do not have a water tank, as they get the water for the flushing directly from the water pipeline. Because the flash valve mounted directly in the water pipe eliminates the need for a water tank, another feature of the commercial toilet is that it does not back up and therefore, presents fewer risks of overflowing with waste materials.

Is it safe to sit on commercial toilet basins’ seats?

Because they are used more frequently than private toilets, the commercial lavatories will require more maintenance. In addition, the increased traffic contributes to gathering more bacteria and dirt. However, rest assured that the toilets in most of the public places are cleaned at least once per day to avoid the spreading of bacteria and germs. This makes the restroom more comfortable for employees and customers alike.

It is important to note that most public places that provide access to the bathroom for the customers and the employees commonly use cleaning products that are more concentrated and more powerful than the ones used for home toilets. Moreover, it is customary to add disposal toilet seat covers in the bathroom for easy and quick sanitation and to make everyone feel safe. All in all, the cleaner the toilet and the area around it, the safer it is.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration commercial toilet standards

According to OSHA the number of commercial toilet basins that are to be installed within the perimeter of a permanent workspace should account for the number of employees and customers that have access to the bathroom. The number of toilets according to the number of employees across the United States is as following:

  • A company with less than 16 employees must install one toilet
  • Businesses that have between 16 and 35 employees are mandated to mount two toilets
  • If the company has between 36 and 55 recruits then you need three toilets
  • Between 56 and 80 staff members, the company needs at least four toilets
  • Between 81 and 110 employees the company needs at least five
  • Medium sized companies with 111 to 150 people will need at least six
  • Anything over 150 employees will require the installation of an additional toilet for each extra 40 staff members

Should homeowners consider installing commercial toilet basins in their bathrooms?

The answer to this question is that it all depends. If a certain homeowner has constant problems with the toilet set he installed, such as overflowing or insufficient flushing power, then the answer is yes, by all means consider installing commercial toilet basins. In fact, it would be quite a good idea if that person likes to invite friends over most of the time and the toilet is being used very frequently. On the other hand, if that homeowner has a small family and never has serious plumbing issues, then there is really no need for installing such a ‘powerful’ toilet.