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Small Toilet Basins

A common problem with modern houses is lack of space. The décor of many modern houses invest a lot of money in the living room and bedroom spaces, so these two features are often combined into one. This design can be seen in condos and apartments in the city. What's left of the space is used to accommodate the kitchen and the bathroom together, making these features crammed with little room to move. In that sense, a lot of people always strive to maximize the space of their bathrooms. One way to do that is by installing small toilet basins, instead of regular-sized basins.

A quick fix for small bathroom spaces

There are many ways to improve a small bathroom, the first of which, and the most obvious, is to renovate it and make a bigger bathroom, instead. That's obviously not cost-effective and also depends on whether you have any room to extend into. The second best choice of many is to maximize the space by installing new furniture in place of existing fixtures. That's also not very cost-effective. Another way is to use what's already there and rearrange things. All of this will take effort and time. People just don't realize that it is very important to maximize the space for the bathroom wherever possible. For instance, small toilet basins should be installed instead of bigger ones.

The advantage of small toilet basins

The good thing about small toilet basins is that they are easy to install. In fact, a small basin can be fitted in very small bathrooms that are not made to accommodate toilet basins at all. On another note, this type of basin can be used to replace bigger, space-wasting basins that are typically installed in modern bathrooms.

Choosing a small toilet basin for small bathrooms

There are some things that need to be considered when choosing which basin is perfect for the small bathroom. They are as follows.

  • First of all, a wall-mountable toilet basin is very advisable. Not only does it save space by eliminating the need for a vanity or countertop to support it, but it does offer a lot of convenience in the sense that it can be installed on the wall. To be precise, it can be adjusted to a height that will be convenient for the person
  • A great tip for a renovator is to consider the décor of the bathroom. It's possible to achieve optical illusion by using special décor elements. That way, it is also possible to increase the size of the bathroom too, if only as an illusion
  • Typically, small toilet basins will not be as expensive as traditional ones. However, as the main purpose is to save space, the buyer can't be too conscious when it comes to price. If anything, he or she must find a toilet basin that fits and maximizes the space of the bathroom perfectly, regardless of the price

The best choice for bathroom basins is a wall-mountable one. It can be put up on the wall, on any side of the bathroom. As a matter of fact, some can even be installed on corners of walls, so as to further maximize the space.