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Countertop Toilet Basin

A countertop toilet basin, as the name implies, sits on top of counters or bathroom furniture. Some countertop basins are installed onto the furniture, but still portable in case the owner wanted to renovate or change the whole setup. In case of countertop basins that are installed fully on the furniture, and the furniture includes a mirror and other utilities, it's called a vanity sink. However, there is a vast difference between a vanity sink and a countertop toilet basin.

What makes countertop toilet basins different?

There are many different styles of toilet basins, and the countertop toilet basin is just one of them. This type of basin is installed onto the furniture, on top of it, and not as an inset. Many people get confused between inset-models of bathroom basins with a countertop toilet basin because of the similarity. But they are very different as well. In a modern bathroom or house theme, the countertop toilet basin definitely has its place, and won't fail to amaze your guests.

Adding a décor element using the countertop basin

Although the basin is only set up atop the furniture or the countertop, the utility pipes that are used in the basin are actually hidden. This way, the basin is unobtrusive and only looks appealing to people. In other words, the countertop toilet basin looks very smart and tidy. It is perfect for dark-themed bathrooms, or those that use dark wood as a primary décor element. More so if the color of the basin is made to match or contrast the color of the bathroom. For instance, a white ceramic countertop toilet basin would be an excellent addition to a bathroom that has dark-colored tiles.

Things to know about countertop basins

  • A countertop toilet basin is typically invisibly plumbed in. However, some may opt to achieve a rather traditional look and install the pipes outside the basin. In this case, it would look more like a washstand than a countertop basin. Keep in mind that there are also differences between simple washstands and this type of bathroom basin. Both, however, add to the décor of the bathroom and are eye-catching
  • The countertop toilet basin can be made of various materials, including opaque or clear glass, copper or stainless steel, marble or natural stone and so on. Some cheaper alternatives for the practical homeowner include plastic-based materials, although those materials are expectedly low on durability
  • The good thing about a countertop toilet basin is that it comes in many shapes and sizes. But no matter the design, it will fit the décor of the bathroom as it is not built-in. The seeming portability of the basin adds up to the illusion, which makes it more appealing to look at

Choosing the right countertop basin for your toilet

There are many considerations when choosing the perfect countertop toilet basin. For instance, it's utterly important to take the décor into account. Having cleared that out of the way, the next concern is space. This the major advantage of countertop basins. As they are portable, they can be placed anywhere on the bathroom, provided there is furniture on which it will be installed.