My toilet was installed 2 weeks ago, but I havent used it yet because it's so beautiful. Where else can you go that offers free delivery and free installation?! Thanks again!

Contemporary Toilets Basins

For most, the bathroom is no longer that room of the house where you wash and carry out your physiological needs. Nowadays, most homeowners are looking for the clean and artistic designs of the contemporary toilet basins that can enhance the appearance of the room and give it the same sense of elegance in accordance with the rest of the house. Made from a wide variety of materials and incorporating particular styles, the options that a homeowner has nowadays in terms of bathroom remodeling are only limited by his imagination.

The European style contemporary toilet basinsĀ 

The main difference between the American and the European bathroom is the inclusion of the bidet amongst the fixtures. The main function of the bidet is to replace the need of the toilet paper, as once you are done using the toilet you utilize this fixture to clean yourself with a stream of warm water. The bidet can be installed as a separate feature in the bathroom or it can be added to the contemporary toilet basins.

At the moment, the dominant toilet basins in Europe are the wall mounted basins and the floor models, each with a lot of options regarding the preferred designed, space, style, accessories and material. Overall, with a little research a person can find the lavatories and vanities that go perfectly in their bathroom and that are within their budget. Whilst a bidet will match a medium to large bathroom flawlessly, for small bathrooms, an alternative would be a Japanese high tech toilet.

The waterless contemporary toilet basins

The waterless toilets are a great invention for those that care about the environment and adopted a socially responsible life style. The principle behind them is that waste and the microorganism it contains are not flushed, but transformed into compost, which can be safely used as a fertilizer. These toilets are currently available in remote and self-contained systems. Therefore, choosing the right size of basin will depend on the available space, the number of people using it, and what you intend to do with the compost it produces.

The major alternative to the compositing toilets are the incinerating lavatories. The main difference between them is that whilst the compositing toilets transform the waste into a special bin, the incineration models will use an auger that pushes the waste into a small incinerator. Even though homeowners will need to install an exhaust pipe, the advantage of these toilets is that it requires little maintenance, as the ashes need to be cleared out every three to six months.

Important contemporary toilet basins buying tips

  • Familiarize yourself with the latest advancements in water saving toilets, as it will reflect in your water bills
  • Select the flush power according to the number of people using the toilet in order to prevent future clogging
  • The available space in the bathroom is the easiest way to decide between rounded bowls, that occupy very little space, and elongated bowls, that provide extra comfort
  • The height of the toilet can be a problem for taller or physically impaired people. Therefore, it is important to think of who is using the toilet before deciding on this feature