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Semi Pedestal Toilet Basins

Semi pedestal toilet basins are toilet basins which seem to have a supporting column, but this is normally truncated. As a result, the semi pedestal toilet basins are normally mounted on a wall. They therefore derive their structural support from the wall, instead of from the wall and floor, as would be the case with the full pedestal toilet basins.

Stability of semi pedestal toilet basins

This means that such toilet basins are prone to the effects of gravity, as are all other types of wall mounted toilet basins. To this end, the way that the semi pedestal toilet basins are installed has a huge bearing on the longevity of the basins. Normally, they are made of a ceramic material, so in the event that they fall from the wall, there’s high chance that they will crack and you will need to replace them. This means that installation of semi pedestal toilet basins has to be done in such a way as to provide enough structural stability, and this means having to rely on highly skilled contractors to install them.

Buying semi pedestal toilet basins

Apart from proper installation of the basins, one other factor that determines how they will work, is the quality of the basins. There are many manufacturers and vendors of semi pedestal toilet basins out there, but not all of them offer high quality. To this end, it’s always a good idea to find out more about a particular brand of basin before buying them. The internet is a very good way of doing this, since finding such information would be a very easy thing to do. Generally, it’s safe to buy basins from well-known manufacturers who have a proven track record of high quality. It may also be wise to try and get semi pedestal toilet basins that match with the interior décor of the toilet you are placing them in for a better effect.

Taking care of the basins

Apart from installation and quality of the basins, one other major thing that affects the fate of any semi pedestal toilet basins is how they are handled. In general, there are several principles that you can live by to make sure that the basins always look good and last long. These include:

    • Make sure the plumbing from the basin is done correctly. Leaking plumbing could weaken the basin’s mounting, and this could lead to future detachment from the wall. As has been pointed out, these basins are fragile and this could lead to breaking
    • Clean the basins regularly. Since most such basins are white in color, it’s very easy for dirt to show on them. Fortunately, being ceramic, the basins can be easily wiped to get rid of any stains on them
    • If you have young children, it may be a good idea to instruct them to not place too much strain on the basins. Activities such as hanging from the edge of the basins could cause them to detach from the wall