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Semi Recessed Toilet Basin

A semi recessed toilet basin is a type of bathroom or kitchen basin for washing. It has a mounted flush that includes a solid working surface, most often made of plastic or stainless steel. More expensive semi-recessed toilet basins are made of glass or marble material. In a lot of cases, though, stainless steel is used to construct a drop in toilet basin.

Overview of semi recessed toilet basins

There are many different kinds of a semi recessed toilet basin. Some of which are the self-rimming basin, also known are the drop in basin; the underside mount; and the flush mount. A basic recessed basin features the basin bowl that is placed underneath the counter or just below the surface level. The mounting systems of the basin can hold soaps, amongst other things. Many semi recessed toilet basins today include valves or faucets for water supply, whilst others do not. Usually, the material used for making this type of basin is the same as those used for making ordinary basins, such as porcelain, resin composites, high impact plastics or stainless steel.

The difference between ordinary wash basins and a semi recessed toilet basin is evident in the design and the location of the basin. Whilst many basins are just put atop the counter, this type of basin is located under the counter. There are many types of recessed basin, which means that they will vary in design. However, the purpose and convenience of using them remains practically the same, no matter what the design.

Benefits and characteristics of the semi recessed toilet basin

The aesthetic design of the semi recessed toilet basin allows it to be used more easily, and with more convenience to the person. The drop in basin, for instance, features a flat plate or a rim around the edges of the basin, sometimes called the upper lip. In a semi recessed toilet basin, the hole that is dug onto the counter has to be big enough to accommodate the bowl of the basin. The upper lip, however, is left recessed on top of the counter of furniture, hence, the name semi-recessed toilet basin.
Amongst the advantages of this type of basin are:

  • Hidden pipes; unobtrusive look and feel
  • Saves space compared to countertop basins
  • More sturdy and durable, as they are fixed onto the furniture
  • Can't be tipped over; doesn't fall off
  • Very convenient to use

Types of recessed basins

A lot of people mistakenly think that semi recessed and recessed toilet basins are different. They are the same thing, and will only differ very little in extent. For instance, the size of the upper lip that is recessed will vary according to the design of the basin. In perspective, there's really no big difference between ordinary recessed basins and the semi recessed toilet basin.

The undermount semi recessed toilet basin features a large and flat lip that is flanged or glued to the counter's underside. The hole dug for the basin is large enough to accommodate it, so that the underside of the bowl can be laid flat on the lowest part of the hole. The flange-type semi recessed toilet basins are typically supported by cabinet casings, which adds to the assembly strength of the bathroom furniture.