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Low Flow Toilet Basins

The low flush or low flow toilet basin is a type of basin used in the bathroom that can save water by controlling the amount of water that actually goes down the drain. The concept was built around how low flow toilets function: by using less water to flush down the toilet. In low flow toilet basins, it's possible to save water by minimizing the content of the bowl, whilst not limiting the usability of the basin.

Homeowners can benefit from installing low flow basins in their bathroom in more ways than one. You would think that it's only the water-saving feature that will be a great advantage. But that's not all. In fact, low flow toilet basins can offer many advantages in convenience, cost-effectiveness, space and so on. This article is going to discuss the mentioned advantages, and explain why it is better to buy this type of basin, as opposed to another.

Advantages of low flow toilet basins

To enumerate, the following are the basic advantages of this type of bathroom basin:

  • They are more affordable compared to traditional basins used in bathrooms.
  • They save space, because the bowl area is reduced, which also minimizes the content of the bowl.
  • As the bowl's content is minimized, the water that can be stored in it is halved. In that sense, the amount of water flushed down, in case the user doesn't feel like turning off the faucet when using the basin, is minimized as well.
  • It's smaller so it's also cheaper.
  • It's more convenient to use, compared to the alternatives. The small size of it makes for more room in the bathroom.
  • It's perfect for big and small bathrooms alike.

Comparing low flow toilet basins and traditional bathroom sinks

The traditional bathroom sinks are huge. That being said, they take up so much space that, in a small bathroom, it is nearly impossible to move. Even in larger bathrooms, the traditional basin takes up too much space, which could have been put to good use instead.

The low flow toilet basin accomplishes two advantages in one: water saving feature and small size. The content of the bowl is reduced by reducing the size of the basin. You might wonder how this can be done without actually hindering the usability of the basin. In truth, it's a little more complicated. The low flow toilets are engineered in a way that the hands of the user will fit in sideways, making him or her step closer to the basin. The long and short of it is that the amount of water flushed down is reduced by almost half, all the time.

Are low flow toilet basins cheap?

Since they are small, people wonder whether or not they are also cheap. That will depend on certain things, such as the material used to make the basin's bowl. Stainless steel would be rare. Ceramics are very common, but also very expensive. Those made of glass should be expected to be very expensive, as well.