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Unique Toilet Basins

In the last decade in particular, unique toilet basins have become all the rage and a great deal of creativity and effort has gone into designing such basins to be used in restaurants, hotels and even homes. If you are refurbishing your home, and have the opportunity to make some adjustments to the bathroom, a simple but powerful way to make an impact is by changing the toilet basin to something unique.

The utility of toilet basins

The fact is that unique toilet basins are probably one of the most utilized features or fixtures in a bathroom and it must not only be utilitarian but can also be a powerful decorative feature in a small bathroom. Many homes now make the effort of changing the toilet basin to something unusual, making the unique toilet basins the ‘wow factor” in their homes. This can be done easily without the necessity of having to change the entire bathroom.

When opting to make such a change, you will have to look at who is likely to use this toilet basin. If it is likely that the guests in your home will use it, then you can pull out all the stops (pun intended) and look for the latest unique toilet basins.

The latest designs

If you are keen to make a change to your bathroom, and changing the toilet basin is on your list to do, then you should explore the different options available before coming to a final decision. You will need to remember that any of the unique toilet basins you choose will have to be installed easily onto your existing structure. If you are doing this on a very small budget, or if you are willing to make some structural changes, this may widen the scope of your choices.

Amongst the options available are:

  • Ceramic counter top basins, and you can choose the depth of these based on utility
  • Wall mounted toilet basins that are ideal for small bathrooms with limited space, and fit perfectly into corners
  • Metal frame basins with a metal rim
  • Pedestal toilet basins that rest on a pedestal made out of the same material as the basin but usually without a counter-top
  • Vessel basins, which are very popular now. These can come in glass, cast iron, china and marble.

Vessel toilet basins

Of the different types of basins mentioned, the vessel basins are the most unusual. These usually sit on a counter top and, therefore, if your bathroom already has a built-in counter top, it will be a simple case of replacing this with a flat counter top that allows the basin to sit on it.

Vessel basins also come in a variety of shapes, sizes and depths, and it is up to you to decide the look that you want to achieve. It is not necessary to blend the look with the rest of the bathroom, as vessel basins can be considered a unique feature in your bathroom. These unique toilet basins can be installed either on a wall mounted bracket or directly onto the counter top itself.