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Toilet Wash Basin

The toilet wash basin is a relevant element in any bathroom. It is normally used for personal cleanliness. Apart from this, the toilet wash basin is one of the first things that visitors notice when they enter the washroom. Normally, picking the right toilet wash basin is trouble free as there are numerous types on the market.  However, it is recommended that you seek the assistance of an expert interior designer to help you pick the right one for your particular type of washroom.

Prior to purchasing a toilet wash basin, you should consider your washroom décor. You don’t want the purchased toilet wash basin to appear out of place. There is a wide range of toilet wash basins to choose from on the market, so you won’t be limited by choice. They come in varied shapes, styles, sizes, colors and prices. Since there are numerous types of toilet wash basins on the market, there are no wrong preferences. The choice is strictly the buyers.

Granite, quartz or marble made toilet wash basin

There are varied material types that are used to manufacture toilet wash basins on the market. For instance, there is granite, quartz and marble types of toilet wash basins. These come in many different shades too, as the materials they are made of are quite vibrant in color. Apart from this, these type of toilet wash basins add a feeling of elegance to your washroom right from the start, as well as enhancing its beauty.

Glass made toilet wash basin

Glass is also a perfect material choice for your toilet wash basin. Glass made wash basins instantly put a clean professional look in your washroom. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and prices. When installing this type of wash basin, you should be careful as glass can easily break.

Ceramic types of a toilet wash basin

Ceramic made toilet wash basins are more common compared to others. There are many reasons for this, but the main one is their prices (cheaper) and their ease of availability. All stores that deal in bathroom hardware stocks them and they come in varied shapes, styles, sizes and prices. Ceramic toilet wash basins provide a great stylish finish whilst at the same time offer value for money.

Types of toilet wash basin and their styles

Pedestal toilet wash basins: A pedestal toilet wash basin is a good washroom fixture if you want an easy to install alternative. It comes packed with many advantages, for example:

  • Easy to install compared to other types of toilet wash basins
  • Made of brilliant white ceramic material that is easy to clean
  • Offered in varied shapes and sizes so as to accommodate various washroom requirements
  • Varied prices to suit diverse budgetary requirements

Counter top toilet wash basins: A counter top toilet wash basin is an ideal solution for smaller washrooms. Most of them are made of ceramic materials that offer a superb touch to a washroom’s decor.

Wall hung toilet wash basins: Mostly, wall hung toilet wash basins are made of different colored ceramic materials. The main advantage of installing this type of a toilet wash basin is that it maximizes the available space in your washroom.