My toilet was installed 2 weeks ago, but I havent used it yet because it's so beautiful. Where else can you go that offers free delivery and free installation?! Thanks again!

Toilet Basins

Toilet basins are available from traditional bathroom furniture suppliers as well as online shops. The online vendors often carry an extensive stock and you can view their catalogue from the comfort of your own home. One of the most important things that you should decide early on is how much room you have for your toilet basins. If the basin will be located in your bathroom you will probably have more space available. If it will be in a separate toilet room then the space will probably be more limited.

Storage opportunity

One of the most space saving formats of toilet basins is to have a toilet basin recessed into the wall, as this effectively occupies no space at all. If this is not an option make sure that the basin does not jut out too far into the room to hinder movement for those entering and leaving the toilet. As the basin will occupy space it is a good idea to consider choosing a basin that comes with a cupboard facility underneath. This cupboard can be used for storing spare toilet rolls, additional bars of soap or liquid soap refills and hand towels.

Finding the right toilet basins

Key points to look out for:

  • Complementary design to your toilet fittings
  • Able to provide storage space for toilet accessories, toilet rolls etc
  • Well finished and glazed for easy cleaning
  • Attractive taps that are easy to open and close

If you are going to install a toilet basin in the bathroom you have the chance to site the basin in a larger cabinet that can be used to store all the bathroom items that are not required for immediate use. Doing this will give the bathroom an uncluttered look and appear more attractive. It is a good idea to make sure that your toilet basins not only are the same color as the toilet, but also have a similar design.

Buying the toilet basin

Once you have found a design that pleases you, take time to shop around. This does make sense as there are often extremely interesting offers, in particular from online supplier with good discounts available. You should also look out for extra discounts if you are going to be buying a complete toilet set including the basin, the toilet itself, and the accessories, such as hand towel rings, the toilet brush and toilet roll set, as well as a storage cabinet.

Professional installation

Check with the supplier of your toilet items if they can also provide an installation service too. Sometimes if your total order reaches a certain value they will be able to offer this service free of charge. Make sure you check - it does no harm to ask. Regardless of the response, do make sure that the installation is carried out professionally. Not only do the water pipes and drain need to be positioned and installed correctly, but also the toilet basin needs to be sealed against the wall and the tiles fitted tightly to avoid the risk of water damage to the walls.

Toilet Basins