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Toilet Basin Parts

Most of the time when toilet basins malfunction, the culprit is normally one of the main toilet basin parts. This means that instead of replacing the whole basin, it may just be prudent to replace the toilet basin parts that have failed. This is normally much less expensive compared to having to replace the whole toilet basin.

The various inconveniences associated with replacing the whole basin include:

  • Cost of transport of the basin if buying online
  • Cost of installation of the basin. You may have to get a contractor to fix the basin again, and this may cost quite a bit
  • If you have a particularly rare type of toilet basin, you may not get one to replace it. This means having to grapple with associated problems such as trying to find a basin that will fit in place of the old one

Replacing toilet basin parts

Before replacing toilet basin parts, it’s essential that you find out whether this would be a good move. Sometimes, a malfunction of the toilet basin could be due to mechanical issues that can’t be solved by simply replacing toilet basin parts, and in such cases it may be easier to get an entirely new basin. You can find out whether the parts can be replaced by simply asking a plumber to check the toilet basin, and then give you a report as to its state.

How to buy toilet basin parts affordably

Once you have established that you can indeed fix your toilet basin by replacing one or more parts, you can then begin finding the appropriate toilet basin parts. You can buy the parts from the manufacturer of the toilet basin you have; this can easily be done by simply finding the manufacturer’s website and sending them an email. You can also buy the new parts from sites such as eBay and Amazon. When doing so, it’s always a good idea to make sure that you know the exact product you want to buy so as to avoid buying the wrong one. Many such sites don’t accept returns.

Buying second hand toilet basin parts

Although toilet basin parts are cheap, you may want to save costs by buying second hand parts. As with buying new parts, you have to make sure that you are getting the right parts as well. You can find second hand toilet basin parts from many sites online, and also from a variety of brick and mortar stores.

Installing the parts

It’s very easy to install the toilet basin parts if you are a handy person. Normally, this just involves seeing where the old part was, and then replacing it exactly as it was, with the replacement. Alternatively, you can get guides on how to replace toilet basin parts online; there are many sites that offer a facility where you can gain access to such guides. If you feel that you can’t do it yourself, you can also get the services of someone, such as a plumber, to fix the parts for you.

Toilet Basin Parts