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Measuring For Toilet Basin

There comes a point in everyone’s life when it is time to replace the bathroom suite or the toilet. It is not a job that many people look forward to, as the upheaval it can cause may be chaotic. However, an expert will be able to make the bathroom neat and tidy in no time at all.

Getting in a specialist

Once you have located your expert and invited them to give you a quotation, which many will do for free, it is important to set a day and time that suits you both so you will be able to watch them accurately measuring for toilet basin. It is important when measuring for toilet basin, as well as the rest of the bathroom suite, as any margin of error can result in a flood in your bathroom. And that is definitely something to avoid.

First things first

The first measurement that needs to be taken is the distance between the drainage pipe and the wall. These are usually fairly standard at around 12 inches, although they can vary, which is why measuring for toilet basin is extremely important. Other measurements include:

  • From the front of the toilet bowl to the back of the cistern
  • The size of the toilet bowl; side to side and front to back
  • Maybe the height of this is important, so don’t forget to ensure these dimensions are taken too

Once you have taken the decision to have a new bathroom suite, you may decide to have a different shaped toilet basin and you will be pleased to know there are many sizes and shapes to choose from. If you do decide on a different shaped toilet ensure that any measuring for toilet basin is accurate and it can fit within the area it is needed. Some people only have a small space in their bathroom, or toilet cubicle, and a round shaped toilet basin, replacing an oval shaped toilet basin, may limit the room even more.

Replacing it yourself

Some people are very capable when it comes to DIY tasks and measuring for toilet basin with a view to replacement would not faze them. However, ensure that you really do have the skills and knowledge to make the replacement, otherwise putting right a DIY job that has gone terribly wrong can be very expensive. If in doubt always get a plumber to check out the specifications and even if they do not carry out the actual work, their measuring for toilet basin will be accurate and you can rely on their figures.

There are many manuals available that will enable you to replace the toilet basin yourself, so if this is your plan ensure you know exactly what it entails before you actually start. It is too late to realize you are missing something or don’t understand something when you have taken out the toilet. One last word, ensure everyone has used the bathroom before you dismantle it, as you never know how long a DIY job like this will take, and getting caught short within 10 minutes of a 2 hour job isn’t advisable.

Measuring For Toilet Basin