My toilet was installed 2 weeks ago, but I havent used it yet because it's so beautiful. Where else can you go that offers free delivery and free installation?! Thanks again!

Installing Toilet Basin

First of all you need to decide exactly which type of toilet basin you are planning to install. You do have a number of different options. You could consider installing toilet basin as a vanity unit that is also known as an inset basin. The advantage of this type of design is that it also has space for storage below the sink and a counter to place items like soap dispensers beside the sink. As an alternative you could consider a pedestal basin. The pedestal basin has a hollow support that contains the pipe work, or alternatively you could think about installing toilet basin in the corner using a corner unit.

Taps and drains

You will need to decide whether you will use 2 separate taps for supplying the hot and coldwater or to use a mixer tap that normally comes supplied with a pop up plunger for the plug in the sink. Make a decision about the drainage piping and what type of plumbing you will need. Once you have made these decisions you can order your toilet basin unit and prepare for the installation.

Decide on the location of the basin

Deciding on where you will be installing toilet basin is important, make sure you do the following checks:

  • How far is the run to the main waste drain of the house?
  • The length should be no more than 10 feet
  • The slope should be a minimum of 0.25 inches for every foot
  • The height should be between 27 and 33 inches, use a helper to agree on the height

Having decided on the location and height use a spirit level to make sure that the basin will be installed, completely level and mark the position on the wall for the fittings holes. Use a piece of wood to double check that the marked holes are level. Now drill and plug the holes.

Installing toilet basin vanity unit

A vanity unit comes with a work surface surround. Check your measurements carefully and then cut the hole that the basin will sit in. If you have been given a template, use this to help you. Drill a hole to allow the blade of your jigsaw to enter and saw following the lines you have drawn. Having checked that the basin can be inserted correctly, use mastic or a sealing strip all the way around the hole and insert the basin making sure it is completely sealed. Once again check that the basin is completely horizontal using your spirit level. Once satisfied use your fixing clips to hold the basin firm.

Installing toilet basin pedestal unit

Place the pedestal on the floor and get a helper to place the basin onto it. Check that it is level and mark the holes. Remove the basin and drill and plug the holes for the supports in the wall. Position the pedestal very close to the wall. Connect up the supply and waste pipes and move the pedestal and basin into position. Then complete the job by screwing the pedestal and basin into position.

Installing Toilet Basin