My toilet was installed 2 weeks ago, but I havent used it yet because it's so beautiful. Where else can you go that offers free delivery and free installation?! Thanks again!

Countertop Toilet Basin

Storage is often a problem for many households and if you have a need to store your towels, bedding and other items in the bathroom, one great way to do this is to get your bathroom measured and fitted with a countertop toilet basin. The cupboard units, which may also include drawers, will need to be fitted in the bathroom by a craftsman, and your toilet will neatly fit into the overall scheme easily. The countertop toilet basin looks very chic when installed in a completely fitted bathroom.

When a toilet is included in the fitted design of the bathroom then there will need to be access to the cistern, so that any problems can be dealt with. There is little point going to the great trouble, and indeed, expense, of having a countertop toilet basin included in the bathroom arrangement and then having to have it ripped out to gain access to the cistern. This is easily remedied by having a countertop on the toilet that is set on hinges so that this can lift and you can easily access the cistern if you need to.

Choosing a craftsman

Your exciting new bathroom can include lots of little features and if it is large enough you could also include a bidet too. Choosing a good quality bathroom means you need a good craftsman to install it. Stay away from workmen that are unable to give free quotes for installation and also those who are reluctant to provide examples of previous work. Look for the following in a quality craftsman:

  • Quality craftsman prepared to give a no obligation quote for work
  • Clean and tidy installation of your bathroom, including the countertop toilet basin
  • Punctual and considerate
  • Certified work with a warranty
  • A business that has been operating for many years and operates from reputation
  • Certified workers that are polite, courteous and quick to work. Stay away from those who are over-friendly or require copious amounts of tea whilst on the job

Color matters!

Many firms will provide the fitting service as a package in the installation of your new bathroom, including the countertop toilet basin. If you can get a good price for the bathroom and the fitting then this would be the best option, as the company will have experience of fitting their own designs without carrying out inferior work or cutting corners.

Once you have decided that you are having a fitted bathroom to give the extra storage space, then you cant to work on creative ideas. There are ‘off the peg’ designs available that you can find on the internet, but for the unique design you can have someone take measurements of the bathroom and work with them on your ideas. You also don’t have to stick to boring white for the units either; you can choose any color you want to enhance the overall appeal of the bathroom. In addition, why not include a textured surface on your units, such as wood. Some units can even be fashioned from smooth granite, although this will cost you quite a lot, but if you can afford to splash the cash – why not?

Countertop Toilet Basin