My toilet was installed 2 weeks ago, but I havent used it yet because it's so beautiful. Where else can you go that offers free delivery and free installation?! Thanks again!

Sterling Plumbing Toilet Basins

Sterling Plumbing toilet basins are taking the traditional toilets to a new level. Offering a range of height, from luxury height to standard height toilets, they are priced to suit everyone’s pocket. Installing Sterling Plumbing toilet basins is a breeze as they come with comprehensive installation instructions, if you need them, and all have a standard 12 inch rough-in. That is the distance measured between the toilet drainage pipe and the wall. This takes care of any concerns you may have around measurements. In fact, installations can be easily carried out with a 3 bolt, quick connect system that will have you flushing in double quick time.

Of course, in addition to the traditionally round-shaped toilets, Sterling Plumbing toilet basins come in an oval shape too. Sleek and sophisticated looking, you will sure to find just the right replacement toilet for your luxury bathroom, whether you are looking for clean white or a neutral color to blend with the rest of your décor.

Pro-Force technology

With the introduction of WaterSense by the American Environmental Agency, many manufacturers of bathroom facilities are looking to produce toilets that flush with the minimum amount of water. This is a purely voluntary program at the moment, but many companies are taking note and are adjusting their policies in line with guidance. This is perfect because they will be ready if it ever becomes mandatory, which it probably will within the next 5 years or so, as environmental conditions continue to change due to global warming. 

Many of Sterling Plumbing toilet basins use pro-force technology. This is a modern way of flushing a toilet with less water, thus conserving one of nature’s natural resources. It also cuts down on water bills too. In fact, as Pro-Force toilets use much less water than traditional toilets, you can be fairly certain that with the savings on your water bill your toilet will pay for itself in very quick time. Therefore, saving yourself money and protecting the environment will help you to rest easy in the continual debate for greener products.

Finding your toilet basin

It is very easy to find Sterling Plumbing toilet basins and the internet is a wonderful tool that has opened up new possibilities. In fact by accessing the websites you can discover whether there is a store in your area that can provide what you are looking for. You will simply need to add the following details and you will have your answer:

  • Your zip code
  • How far you want to travel to reach your store (up to around 150 miles)

Alternatively, you can locate Sterling Plumbing toilet basins worldwide by adding your country details.

The finest bathroom accessories

Sterling Plumbing toilet basins offer a great range of bathroom furnishings in addition to their toilet range and you can find accompanying accessories that will really show your bathroom off to its full potential. Enjoying your surroundings whilst in the bathroom is a bonus and it is great news considering the fact that, on average, a person spends 3 years of his life on the toilet!