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Toilet Basin

When you decide to install a toilet basin it is important to take a certain number of factors into account to make sure that you choose the right one. One of the first important points to bear in mind is that if you are installing a toilet basin in public premises, there are clear instructions about the installation of hand basins in the toilet area. The basin does not need to be in the same room as the toilet itself, but should be easily accessible when either entering or leaving the toilet area. The hand basin needs to be equipped with soap and paper towels or a hand dryer. Depending on the number of employees there are guidelines on the number of staff required to service the toilet basins.

Differing requirements for men and women

It is a scientific fact that women need to use the toilet facilities more often than men, and therefore in public premises, such as a place of work, it is important to make sure that their needs are catered for. In addition, when choosing the right toilet basin it is important that the basin has sufficient space with ledges and surrounds. This means that women can easily place their toilet bags or handbags nearby so that they can have easy access to what they need. In public toilets the risk of contamination by germs is very high, and therefore anti bacterial soap should be loaded into the soap dispensers 

Key point check list for a toilet basin in public premises

There are a number of fundamental safety checks that should be carried out in toilet basins in public areas:

  • Regular checks as detailed by US health regulations
  • A check list on public display of the state of all the toilet facilities
  • Immediate replacement of any damaged fittings
  • Unblocking of toilet basin drains to avoid flooding of the toilet facilities

Public toilets are far more likely to contain the risk of infection than private toilets in your home. For this reason, it is really important that all the facilities to wash and clean your hands are on hand and available for use at all times. It is argued that by using antibacterial soap and hand towels the amount of infection on your hands after using the toilet will be reduced to 5% if you use a paper hand towel to dry your hands. Manufacturers of hot air drying machines disagree and say paper towel waste is a health hazard.

Know your subject and be sure with toilet basins!

If you are an employer or responsible for the hygiene in the public toilets in public premises, you need to know your responsibilities and what to do if repairs or maintenance is required. Furthermore, you must make sure that you comply with the legal regulations in both the design and maintenance of your toilet basin facilities. If you need any advice and assistance, take it to make sure you comply with the necessary rules and are not at risk for any legal cases against you, simply because you didn’t understand the regulations.


Toilet Basin